Sathiya Welfare Society , Steps Toward Better Tomorrow

Sathiya believes in decentralization of leadership and ensuring participation of community in democratic set-up, so our strategy is to develop leadership in community members especially in women and youth in terms of Social, Economical and Political leadership. SWS strongly work for ‘Self to Society’ journey of youth and women.
We believe that social and political empowerment has direct link with the economic stability and independence. So our approach is to make women and youth economically stable by their skill enhancement and train them on entrepreneurship development and market linkages. On the other hand the community is educated and informed about their constitutional rights and entitlements through interactive and participatory methods.
Being economically empowered the self-confidence of women and youth is increased which ultimately results in active participation of women and youth in social and political areas.
For this the basic approach is :—

1. Research

community building by forming community groups.

2. Strategize

capacity building, handholding support and strengthening community groups to prioritize their issues and search the possible solutions.

3. Test

strengrthening community to become a right holder from a service seeker.

4. Execute

promoting meaningful participation of community in governance.

5. Refine

Evidance based advocacy for an accountable and transparent system.

Our Highlights

Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) is a collective working for inclusion and participation of the marginalized sections of society in development processes since 2006