Our Works

Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) is a collective working for inclusion and participation of the marginalized sections of society in development processes since 2006

Livelihood & Skill Enhancement

  • To make the community financially strong and raising their economic leadership SWS works for enhancing skills of community by mobilizing, organizing and training on their traditional livelihood sources so that it could become more sustainable livelihood source. For this SWS works in cluster approach and linkages of all possible fronts is major tool.

    Livelihood is the major sector where SWS intervenes and basically works with artisans as this community face the challenge of losing their traditional occupation on one hand and on the other hand the challenge of adopting themselves to other livelihood sources (i.e. labour/wage worker, etc.)
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Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

  • SWS look at gender equity as an issue which is associated with every sector whether it is livelihood or health, governance or education. We believe that until and unless we don’t take gender equity in every action it is quite impossible to bring it in society in real. So, whatever SWS do the concept of gender equity is inbuilt in every action. Also, we believe that not only women but men and boys must be educated on gender sensitization and impact of violence or abuse on women and girls lives and on the society as a whole. Because mostly its men and boys who create the problems of violence and abuse while women and girls are the sufferers. So it is equally important to educate men and boys on gender as it is important to make women and girls more self-dependant.
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Community Health

  • Sensitization of community on health services, capacity building on community based monitoring of health services especially maternal and adolescent health as well as community based management of anemia, malnutrition and prevention of diseases like malaria etc. and advocacy on health issues with various stakeholders at various levels are the main focus of SWS.
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Just and Participatory Governance

  • SWS works for empowering women and youth participation in political arena by educating, awaring and raising their knowledge through training, capacity building and exposure on various issues related to local self-governance as right to vote, participation and role in decision making in local governance systems by involving active and democratic participation of youth and women
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