Welcome to Sathiya Pariwar

Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) is a collective working for inclusion and participation of the marginalized sections of society in development processes since 2006

Sathiya has vision that the people from most marginalized sections should get hold on decision making and while they would negotiate for their spaces in mainstream economy, education, health, administration, governance, politics and law we think certainly there will be a positive change where each and every vulnerable, deprived, excluded, marginalized would be conscious to get his/her rights as well as will be accountable and responsible citizen. Sathiya’s vision has obviously started reflecting slowly in its work. We believe in sustainable changes and not in project mode; but using each and every opportunity converting into projects to get certain visible outcomes. As there are lots of challenges and some failures but our organizational spirit, in majority youth spirit, makes us to evaluate and accept challenges and go forward with innovative approaches. A welcoming decade is waiting ahead.

Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) is a collective working for inclusion and participation of the marginalized sections of society in development processes since 2006. SWS came into existence in 2003 while organization got its legal status on 28th April 2006 under the Society Registration Act, 1973 (No. 44 of the Year 1973).

Sathiya is working in 6 districts of Madhya Pradesh with priority focus on developing community leadership especially in women and youth in terms of Social, Economical and Political leadership as we believe that as soon as women and youth will be empowered economically, socially, politically, they will be real agent to bring change. We as Sathiya, are collectively trying to strengthen the political leadership of marginalized community especially women by active participation in local governance and decision makings at family and public spaces; and linking community members with sustainable livelihood mainly by enhancing the traditional skill of youths through cluster development approaches. Our team members in these clusters are from local, grassroot levels so they are now face of Sathiya and all of these are youngsters— promising leadership is developing for a better tomorrow.

Sathiya has been working on health issues with a perspective of health as people’s right, also has been very much concerned about the State’s role in public health. Sathiya believes that health is State’s responsibility and the policies/schemes which are declared by the State or Central government should reach effectively to the community. Sathiya strongly believes in the power of network and we are working in alliance with Maternal Health Rights Campaign (MHRC), Men’s Action for Equity (MAE) and networking with likeminded groups. With MHRC, we are carrying out the community based monitoring of health status in Sehore since 2013 and in Betul since 2014. Sathiya’s contribution to make community aware about health rights resulted in some places to stop child marriages and campaign for saving girl child by making fathers/men aware and caring for their daughter/s were unique initiatives.

Through Men’s Action Equity (MAE) network and Responsible Fatherhood Campaign SWS is taking steps toward sensitization of men and boys on gender justice to stop violence against women and girls, gender based discrimination and overlooked health rights of females. Sathiya considers that violence and abuse against girl child or women are serious public health concerns.

Our Vission

Access Rights for All by ensuring meaningful participation of marginalized sections of society by involving them in a process of decision making on the basis of informed choices and strengthening transparency and accountability in local self governance system in reality.

Our Mission

To promote and support participatory governance for equity and inclusion in development processes by capacity building, generating evidences and advocating the perspective of the most marginalized for enriched democratic set-up.

Our Aims & Objectives

For achieving the vision Sathiya has set following aims and objectives to achieve—

• To strengthen the community leadership and generate awareness on fundamental rights.

• To empower the people and increase their participation in decision making and community activities.
• To strengthen the accountability and transparency in governance system.
• To widen the range of knowledge and understanding of the social, economic and political system in order to create a critical awareness among the potential youths and developing the critical masses.
• To initiate a dialogue between community, policy makers and other stakeholders on various development issues for a social change which ensure development of all irrespective of caste, creed and culture.
• To promote sustainable development of marginalised community by ensuring livelihood, health services and other socio-development issues.

Our Legal & Financial

Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) is a collective working for inclusion and participation of the marginalized sections of society in development processes since 2006

Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) is registered as a Society under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act 1973 on 28th April 2006

  • SWS is registered under section 12 A of Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • SWS is registered under section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • SWS also have Permanent Account Number (PAN).

  • SWS is registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010

SWS is operating accounts with following Banks :-

  • State Bank of India
  • ICICI Bank Ltd.

SWS is operating accounts with following Banks:-

  • Statutory Auditor
  • Internal Auditor:

Our Committees

Sathiya Welfare Society (SWS) is a collective working for inclusion and participation of the marginalized sections of society in development processes since 2006

This board is formed every three years and members selected are connoisseur having experience in different fields like academics, social development, entrepreneurship development, women empowerment, youth development, etc.

This committee exists from the very beginning of formation of organisation. Members of Governing Board form this committee and are elected every three years. This committee look after and recommend for all the decision taken by other committees.

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It includes all the district heads, program incharge, research & documentation person and 2 members from management committee. This committee basically looks after the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all programs.

This committee take action against any kind of harassment or complaints of all the working persons of the organisation. This committee consists of external experts and members of organisation.

Recruitment Panel:- This panel is formed when there is need of recruiting team members for organisation. This committee is not permanent but is formed when needed. It includes 1 member from management committee, 2 members from core committee including the district incharge of the particular district for which recruitment is being done and/or program incharge and one external expert.